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Healing Prayers for people in the Community

Inviting Names for Healing Prayers


As many of you know, we offer prayers for healing - for ourselves, for loved ones, for anyone in our lives in need of healing--each time we gather to pray. At Beit Am, each individual shares names of people for whom he or she is praying. We will continue to do this, yet with a slight change. The change is for us to maintain an ongoing list of people within our community who are in need of healing. The prayer leader/gabbai will recite the list at the beginning of the prayer for healing at each service. Following the leader's sharing of these names, everyone will then have the opportunity to mention names of family members or friends beyond our community who are in need of healing.

If you would like your name mentioned, or if there are those in our community for whom you generally offer prayers for healing, please contact Rabbi Phil Bressler at Please include a Hebrew name along with the English if you know it. If you would like to continue personally reciting the name or names of immediate family within the community, of course you may refrain from sharing names for the list and simply continue doing it yourself.


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