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Corvallis Jewish Film Festival

Presented by the Beit Am Mid-Willamette Jewish Community
The 2019 Corvallis Jewish Film Festival
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At the Darkside Cinema

215 SW 4th Street, Corvallis, Oregon

September 15th, 22nd, 2019

Admission: Adults  $7; Seniors, Students and Military $5
All films are being featured in major Jewish Film Festivals nationally and internationally and have adult content
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Sunday Sept. 15th - Schedule at-a-glance
  • 2 PM – Shoelaces
  • 4 PM – Winter Hunt
  • 7 PM – An Act of Defiance

Sunday Sept. 22nd
  • 2 PM – Chasing Portraits
  • 4 PM – The Invisibles
  • 7 PM – It Must Schwing: The Blue Note Story
Shoelaces, directed by Jacob Goldwasser
Sunday Sept. 15th 2:00 PM
"Shoelaces" tells the story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son, whom he abandoned while he was still a young boy. Reuben's (60) kidneys are failing and his son Gadi (35), wants to donate one of his own kidneys to help save his father's life. However, the transplant committee objects to the procedure claiming that Rueben, acting as Gadi's sole legal guardian, does not have the right to authorize such an invasive procedure. Gadi, who recently lost his mother, is afraid of losing his father as well. He feels he finally has the chance to do something meaningful; to become a man and stand on his own.
90 minutes – Hebrew with English subtitles - Drama More info...

Winter Hunt, directed by Astrid Schult
Sunday Sept. 15th 4:00 PM
On a cold, wintry night, Lena shows up on the doorstep of the Rossberg family mansion. She claims her car has broken down, but her arrival is intentional. Lena is in pursuit of Anselm Rossberg, an aged Auschwitz guard who lives with his daughter, Maria. Anselm and Maria both deny Anselm's past, but Lena is determined to get him to confess . Lena’s efforts to extract a confession result in a twisted cat-and-mouse game, as the three characters enter a standoff fraught with moral complexities and shocking revelations.
75 minutes – German with English subtitles - Drama More info...

An Act of Defiance, directed by Jean Van De Velde
Sunday, September 15th 7:00 PM
In this riveting historical drama, 10 political activists (including Nelson Mandela and his inner circle of Black and Jewish supporters) face a possible death sentence for conspiracy to commit sabotage after they are arrested by the apartheid South African government during a raid in the town of Rivonia during the summer of 1963. Jewish attorney Bram Fischer (exceptionally played by Peter Paul Muller) risks his career and freedom to defend these men.
123 minutes – Afrikaans with English subtitles – True-life Drama More info...
Chasing Portraits, directed by Elizabeth Rynecki
Sunday, September 22nd 2:00 PM
One man’s art. One woman’s unexpected path to healing. An American woman’s emotional quest to find the art of her Polish-Jewish great-grandfather, lost during World War II.
78 minutes – English - Documentary More info...
The Invisibles, directed by Claus Rafle
Sunday Sept. 22nd 4:00 PM
While Joseph Goebbels infamously declared Berlin "free of Jews" in 1943, 1,700 managed to survive in the Nazi capital through the end of the WWII. The Invisibles traces the stories of four young people who learned to hide in plain sight.
110 minutes – German w/English subtitles -True-life Docudrama More info...
It Must Schwing: The Blue Note Story, directed by by Eric Friedler
Sunday, September 22nd 7:00 PM
In 1939, Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, two young Jewish émigrés from Berlin who had fled from Nazi Germany, founded the legendary jazz label Blue Note Records in New York. The label dedicated itself exclusively to the recording of American jazz music and developed its own unmistakable recording style and sound. At a time when African-American musicians in the USA were discriminated against and ostracized, Blue Note records respected them as artists and equals.
115 minutes – English- Documentary More info...

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