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Original Fund Raising Goal Exceeded

Letter sent to Beit Am Membership on July 10, 2018

Dear Beit Am family,
The new building construction plans have progressed to the point where we can soon expect a firmer estimate from our contractor of the actual costs. As in every construction project, initial estimates are only a calculated best guess until more details are known. The NBC, architect, engineers, and contractor have been working diligently towards attaining this new estimate. Throughout this process all have been conscious of our budget and the community's priorities. We are eagerly awaiting that figure to see how close our initial fundraising goal was to this new figure. When we receive this new figure, we will share the information. So stay tuned for that update.

Fund Raising Thermometer
Fantastic news from our Fundraising team: We met and exceeded our initial fundraising goal! Our familiar thermometer is a fully painted bright red! This has been such a dedicated grassroots effort, and reaching both our ambitious goal of $2,695,000 AND raising an additional $6,000 to match the solar grant is a bold sign of the support and enthusiasm our community has for this project. Since groundbreaking in October, the entire Beit Am community has responded enthusiastically to our calls to meet our goal for a fully-functional building (see graph below). The New Building Committee is enormously grateful to all our donors. Our project has inspired generosity from people within and outside our Corvallis Beit Am community. Reaching this milestone speaks to the significance of building the first synagogue in the mid-Willamette Valley. We all deserve to celebrate this achievement!

Looking forward: The next cost estimate we receive will provide the NBC with a realistic picture of how well-positioned we are to pay for all costs associated with the building, site requirements, features, and interiors that our community has identified as priorities. Reaching the milestone of meeting our initial fundraising goal makes the NBC very optimistic that the project has the support and momentum to carry this project to the finish line!

Fund Raising Graph

Sent on behalf of the New Building Committee, Scott Leibowitz (Chair), Tony & Julie Pappas (Fundraising Co-chairs),

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