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Beit Am Bylaws, adopted May 2017

Bylaws Today

Bylaws. Beit Am Bylaws are the rules that govern the operations of Beit Am and are required by law. The Bylaws include rules about board members, officers, special meetings, voting, dissolution of the organization, etc. Bylaws should be updated regularly to reflect current operating practices and changes in the law. To address this need to review and update the bylaws, the Bylaws Revision Committee (BRC) was formed at the end of 2014 and worked up to the resultant Bylaws revision adopted in a special membership meeting in November 2016. The BRC sought input from a broad group of people to identify issues to be addressed in the bylaws and to propose solutions. A subsequent set of small of revisions was later adopted in May 2017, at the annual membership meeting.

Click here for a PDF version of the current Beit Am Bylaws....

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