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Adult Enrichment Committee Charter

Adult Enrichment Committee Charter

Mission Statement
The Adult Enrichment Committee (AEC) will organize adult enrichment
activities that promote greater knowledge of Judaism, help build our Jewish
community and explore Jewish culture as well as organize workshops,
classes, and activities on other topics of interest to the Beit Am community. 

The Adult Enrichment Committee [AEC] is a standing Beit Am committee
responsible for organizing and publicizing enrichment activities intended for
adults. These events are held under the auspices of Beit Am but not
necessarily at the Beit Am building. Activities can range from single events
to multi-session classes. Membership in Beit Am is not a requirement to
attend Adult Enrichment events except in specific instances as deemed by
the AEC. 

Expenditure of Funds
The Adult Enrichment Committee may expend funds for programming as
allocated by the Board in its annual budget. The Committee may solicit in
advance additional funds from the Board as required for programming.
Should programming require additional tuition or donations, the committee
shall be responsible for the collection and administration of such revenues
as well as the disbursement of any honoraria or expenses associated with

The Adult Enrichment Committee is composed of five to six current Beit Am
members including a committee chair selected by the Beit Am Board
President. Members may include the Rabbi and the Board member who
holds the portfolio for Adult Enrichment and Activities. When there is an
opening on the AEC, the chair will solicit a replacement in consultation with
the other members of the committee. The committee chair will give updates
on the AEC as requested by the Board

The Adult Enrichment Committee will meet periodically throughout the year
as required to plan events and activities. Minutes will be taken at meetings.

Adopted 9/12/2018


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