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Ruth Goldberg and Selma Loney (RGSL) Jewish Youth Awards Committee

Purpose: The Ruth Goldberg Hadassah Memorial Fund is under the purview of Beit Am and the RGSL Jewish Youth Awards Committee for the purpose of the enrichment of local Jewish youth through funding for programs such as Jewish camps and programs in Israel. The Fund, originally created through Ruth Goldberg’s endowment and enhanced through a substantial subsequent endowment by Selma Loney, both of whom were strong supporters of Hadassah and Young Judaea, originally bestowed awards for Young Judaea camps and trips to Israel, only.

Membership in Hadassah is preferred for the committee members and the Committee Chair (who is appointed by the Beit Am President), unless none can be found.  

Awards distribution.  The net income of the Fund shall be used for the purpose of the enrichment of local Jewish youth through awards for Jewish camps and Jewish programs in Israel. Distribution of the awards is decided by the Awards sub-Committee.

Each child selected must be a member of Young Judaea, or have one parent or legal guardian who is a member of Beit Am or of Hadassah; and the child’s family must reside in Linn, Benton, Lincoln, or Polk Counties.

The Awards sub-Committee has the authority to adopt additional criteria it deems appropriate.  The Awards sub-Committee decides on the number of awards and the amount of each award up to the total of the net income of the Fund for the preceding twelve months (or more, if awards are not distributed in consecutive years).

The Awards sub-Committee reports the names of awards recipients annually to the Investment sub-Committee and to the Committee Chair.

Applications for the Ruth Goldberg - Selma Loney Memorial Scholarship come available in February. Deadline for turning in the application is April 1. Click here to download the application.






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