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Beit Midrash

Welcome parents!  Beit Midrash provides a source of Jewish identity and training to our children. The curriculum includes Torah study, Hebrew, Jewish culture, history and music. Beit Midrash meets Sunday mornings from mid September to mid May.  If you have new or prospective students for Beit Midrash, please contact us.  

For parents of current students, welcome back!  Please find homework, messages from your child's teacher, and upcoming events below.



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Kitah Gan

Abe Drabkin
Ellie Larison

Melissa Grossman-Naples



Kitah Alef-Bet (1st/2nd grade)

Tanya Katz--Talmud Torah
We are making havdalah sets in preparation for the community havdalah on December 21

Kim Vega--Alef Hebrew


Kara Day-Isaias--Bet Hebrew



Kitah Gimmel-Dalet (3rd/4th grade)

Julie Pappas--Talmud Torah
Tanya Katz--Hebrew
Complete through p. 28 in workbook; practice 22 flashcards (words that stard with alef, vav, mem, bet,and shin)--goal is to read them in 2 minutes


Kitah Hey (5th grade)

Steph Bernell--Talmud Torah
Lisa Shepard--Hebrew
Read Shema and Ve-ahavta each day in preparation for class service December 13; Work independently in script book--finish by January 12; Read 30 minutes each week and record in reading log--for 11/24, read p. 29 in textbook


Kitah Vav-Zayin (6th/7th grade)


Neil Davison--Talmud Torah
Nadine Davison--Vav Hebrew
Read p. 8 one time; read p. 45 two times

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