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Membership Payment

To make a payment towards your Beit Am Membership:

First, please consider sending a check to Beit Am, 4318 NW Circle Blvd.; Corvallis, OR 97330. This avoids fees being taken out by credit card and online processors. If you want to pay electronically, then follow the instructions below:

Click on the "donate" button below, and Enter the amount towards your membership dues that you want to pay now; or check the box for recurring monthly payments.  

Have you turned in an annual membership form? If not, please pay here AND turn in a membership form for this year. As a renewing member, use the membership form at: click here for a renewing Membership Form
Or for new members click here to submit a new membership form.

Add any payment message (i.e. "monthly payment", or "Full dues payment", or etc.) that is needed to describe this payment, by clicking on the "optional payment message..."

For general donations, not membership, visit the donations page.

Beit Am is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations and payments to Beit Am, for which no goods or services are received, are tax deductible.

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