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Beit Am supports religious, educational, cultural, social, and charitable activities of the Jewish community in Corvallis and the Mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon, USA. The mid-Willamette Valley includes the towns of Albany, Blodgett, Dallas, Depoe Bay, Lebanon, Monmouth, Newport, Philomath, Seal Rock, Sweet Home, Tangent, and Waldport, as well as Corvallis. 4318 NW Circle Blvd. Corvallis, Oregon 97330 phone: (541) 753-0067

Tashlikh - 5781

Tashlikh Podcast 5781

Rabbi Phil Bressler

Audio for Tashlikh-5781 - A Printable version of this page is appended at the very end of this page as a PDF attachment.


Shanah tovah! Thank you for downloading this self-guided Tashlikh podcast, presented by Beit Am – the Jewish community of Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley.  I'm Rabbi Phil Bressler

High Holidays Services, 5781

High Holidays 2020/5781

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beit Am’s High Holiday services will be held online this year. Our plan is to offer the full schedule of our customary High Holiday programming over Zoom, along with resources for home rituals and learning throughout the month of Ellul preceding the holidays.

Jewish Arts and Culture Events

An Evening with Marjorie Sandor and Trio Sefardi

recorded July 22, 2020

Covid-19 mitigation

Dear Beit Am Community and Friends,

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all Beit Am religious services and events are being held online and the building is closed to the public until further notice. Our caution honors the principle of pikuach nefesh, the preservation of human life, which Jewish tradition prioritizes above nearly all else. We are looking forward to a time when it is more advisable to gather in person for prayer, learning, and fellowship.

Click on "Read more" for a statement from the Beit Am President, Amy Young:

Beit Midrash Wishlist

School Wishlist

These are items that Beit Midrash is seeking as gently used in-kind donations to set up our classrooms and support our school. 

Contact with all questions or to make a donation.

Pacific Power Blue Sky Award funds Solar Panels for Beit Am

Beit Am thanks Pacific Power and the Pacific Power customers supporting the Blue Sky Energy program for providing funding for the solar panels on the Beit Am building! Click here to see the current status and history of the energy generated by our solar panels...
Blue Sky Award

Host a Kabbalat Shabbat Oneg

Oneg means "Joy of the Sabbath" and since we are Jews, joy means "Let's eat!" 

Click here for guidelines on hosting an oneg for Kabbalat Shabbat Friday Service.

 Thank you for helping to make a joyful Shabbat!


Perfect Gift Book, From Aleph to Ze'ev: Excursions into Jewish Culture, History, Rituals, and Beliefs

Ze'ev Orzech, z"l, has created an exciting book comprised of 110 easy-to-read mini-essays exploring the rich depths of Jewish religion, history, culture and traditions. The book, From Aleph to Ze'ev, is available for purchase online through, with all proceeds going to Beit Am. Get the book here ...

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To contact our office, send email to The Beit Am Office
To contact our Rabbi, send email to The Beit Am Rabbi
To contact the newsletter editor, send email to The Beit Am Newsletter Editor
Questions about the New Building? Email us.

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