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Beit Am New Building

For the past 30 years, local faith communities have generously shared their facilities for Beit Am High Holiday Services and other life events.  It is now time for Beit Am to have a home where our worship, study and fellowship can take place under one roof.   Plans are in place to break ground in 2017 for construction on five wooded acres on Harrison Blvd already owned by Beit Am. Our commitment is to build a new home that is an expression of our community, and reflects our commitment to a more sustainable world.

With the larger capacity of our new building, Beit Am looks forward to hosting a range of events and activities for our members and others in the Willamette Valley, such as adult education classes and events, Jewish arts and culture events, and community activities aimed at community development and social justice.


Capital Campaign video

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New Building Plans

Front of Building
Fig. 1.  Front of building looking towards the west.  Office and sanctuary are to the left and classrooms are to the right.

view from southeast
Fig. 2.  View of building from the southeast.
view from Circle
Fig. 3.  View from Circle Blvd. access, looking up at covered porch, social hall and kitchen.
view from southeast
Fig. 4.  Back of building looking towards the southeast.  Kitchen and social hall are to the right and gallery, Rabbi's office, and classrooms are to the left.
Fig. 5.  Sanctuary.
view from Bima, looking west
Fig. 6.  View from Bima, looking west.
View in Social Hall
Fig. 7. View in Social Hall.
Fig. 8. Kitchen.
Fig. 9. Gallery:  doors to courtyard at left, hallway to entrance center left, sanctuary entrance is to center right, and social hall entrance is to the right.
Gallery looking out to the northwest
Fig. 10. Gallery looking out to the northwest.
Entry and office
Fig. 11. Building entrance.  Office is to the left, library entrance is opposite office, and hallway to gallery is to right..
Site Plan

Fig. 12.  Site plan showing building location.  Main entrance is on east side near covered drop off.

A PDF file of the site plan is available by by clicking here...

Floor Plan

Building floor plan.  Main entrance is on the east side of the building between the administrator's office and class 1. Note that the gargage/recycling in NW corner is outside and covered (see Fig. 4 on this page).
A more detailed PDF file of the Floor plan is available by by clicking here...

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